My own little homepage builder. It is rather pre-alpha, although it works for the pages you see right now.

Homer is a tool to automate many of the annoying tasks when maintaining a homepage. You write your web pages using your favourite editor (XEmacs, Mozilla's Composer, OpenOffice.org, etc.) and arrange them in a directory hierarchy. These pages only contain the content of your pages. To make them look a bit less dry, you usually specify a template with as much eye-candy as you like. Then you tell Homer to go and make each of your content pages look as good as the template. The result is a set of pages with a uniform look.

But there is more. Your content is not the only thing you can tell Homer to put into the template. Homer also generates "navigational facilities" that you can place anywhere on your pages. Currently there is a "navigation bar" and a "link line". You can see those elements here on my pages at the left and at the top of each page, respectively. Homer can also manage your documents' titles which gives surfers visiting your pages nice bookmarks.

Worry about HTML quality and W3C standards like XHTML and CSS? Especially when using tools like OpenOffice.org that offer rich editing capabilities, you may get poor HTML. The solution Homer offers is that you take the burden of writing proper XHTML and CSS once for your whole website, namely when constructing the template (or even not at all when you use one of the sample templates). You may then opt to let HTML Tidy do the grunt work on all your pages.

I have listed the software you need to run Homer and some problems and things to do. The bold and daring ones can even download it here.