Tons of Personal Things

My full name is Thomas Maier and I am a teaching and research assistant at the University of Kassel in Kassel, Germany, which is quite a cool job. For the official stuff, see the Software Engineering Group homepage. Kassel is also the place I live, which is probably one of the worst choices when you are in Europe. Well, after several years I kind of got used to it. Lowered my standards I guess :p.


Download my public key in case you want to send me an email. Alternatively, you can get it at

The key's fingerprint is 178A F20C AA0D 645C 0676 918A DE70 0DDF 6452 18A5.

In case you are not as paranoid as me and do not care whether Europe turns into a police state, write to Thomas dot Maier at uni dash kassel dot de.