I have used GNU/Linux for most of the time since I got my first x86 machine. Sometimes it sucked, sometimes it ruled, mostly it did its job. After having used SuSE Linux for most of the time I switched to Debian in 2004. Staying up to date is so much easier. Although I guess you should have looked at one or two configuration files before you try it at home. That's why I tried Ubunty Edgy for half a year (2006/2007). When I discovered that such a basic thing like printing still did not really work, I finally switched to a Mac. It has its own set of problems but now I finally got what I always wanted: a unixish system with a nice and functional GUI. And boy, does printing work like a charm :). So the following will be more and more obsolete as I do not think I will be going back. I will leave it here because some material is linked from TuxMobil and Linux on Laptops.

Here I will write down some notes on using Linux on my Sony Vaio PCG-GRX616SP notebook. Basically, everything seems to work now, even the long (for years!) awaited suspend modes (both to RAM and to disk), although I have not thoroughly tested stability, yet. Not being able to suspend to RAM/disk is really really really annoying and in a weak minute every now and then I thought of switching to Windows and use Linux in a VMWare virtual machine. But not that seriously, now that Linux seems to be almost there--after years of pain.

I will also write down solutions to problems and quirks I encounter that take me substantial time to fix, i.e. everything that takes longer than an a few months or so :). E.g. displaying XSLT-processed XML in Mozilla/Firefox/Epiphany/... took longer than I thought it should.